We envision a world where technology benefits all human-beings by ensuring that everyone has access to knowledge, science and culture and encouraging young people to engage with each other to fight for free and open participation on the Internet.

The prime goal of Young Pirates of Europe is technology improving the lives of everyone on this planet.

We believe that young people will be the driving force in achieving this goal and set out to enable them in fighting for a fair distribution of power on- and offline, for free and open participation as well as access to knowledge, science and culture for everyone.

Throughout the next five years, until 2021, we want to see major improvements for everyone – in specific young people but also women and other structurally excluded groups – when it comes to:

  • Access to knowledge, science, and culture especially through technological means such as the internet
  • Equal distribution of power within technological processes through spreading free and open-source software and hardware as well as public domain and creative commons works
  • Participation in digital policy discussions

Our goal is to build a movement of young people uniting to achieve the aims laid out in this vision.