EPIC 2021 final minutes: here

Updated : 29/01/2022 – final

EPIC 2021 will be an one day event held online on 30th January 2022.

Agenda for 30/01/2022

*Times in CET (UTC+1)

09:30 – Registration

09:50 – Meeting Secretary election | Meeting Chair election| Vote for the EPIC agenda

10:00 – Review of the year from the YPE Board and Plan for 2022 | Economic review ( documents : YPE Review | economic review )

10:30 – Motions on YPE Statutes changes (none submitted)

10:50 – Nominations | Board candidates Q&A | Board election

12:00 – Vote on the dissolution of YPE | Any other business

12:30 – Discussion with Mikulas Peksa about DSA (Digital Services Act), MPE, Chairman of the European Pirate Party https://mikulas-peksa.eu/en/

13:30 – End of EPIC 2021

15:00 – 1st Meeting of the new Board

Participation Information (Online)

The meeting will be held on Jitsi :https://jitsi.pirati.cz/EPIC

and streamed on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/watch/live/?ref=watch_permalink&v=4865539603504273

Information for Candidates & Member Organizations

For individuals from our community: If someone from our community wants to be nominated for the board please post it in our Mattermost Nominations channel together with some info about you and why you want to run for it, so the member organisations can get to know you better and decide on your nomination.

For member organizations:
1) Your organization should appoint a delegate, who shall hold and cast the organizations vote. Every organization has 1 vote. Please contact us about your delegate before the EPIC meeting.
2) Your organization may nominate a candidate/s for the Board election. Please deliver the nominations before 14th December via e-mail, or on the “Nominations” channel (on mattermost YPE team). There will also be a chance to announce your nominations during the meeting.
3) If somebody from your organization wishes to run for the Board, it would be welcome that they introduced themselves in the “Nominations” channel. 

About the EPIC meeting:

This annual meeting is being held in order to elect new board members of YPE, discuss its statutes and admit new member-organizations.

The Members of the Board consist of the President, the Secretary General, the Treasurer and one to five other members.
The above, and more information can be found in the YPE statutes.