Europe Needs Young Pirates


Discover the Young Pirates across Europe who are leading the European Elections Campaigns at the top of pirates lists!

Portrait of Markéta Gregorová

Markéta Gregorová

  • Czech Republic
  • Pirátská Strana
  • 31

Markéta Gregorová, born on January 14, 1993, in Most, Czech Republic, is a member of the European Parliament (MEP). She holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and European Studies and a Master’s degree in Public Administration and Security Studies. Before entering politics, Gregorová worked as a web application tester, e-commerce specialist, marketer, and public relations professional.

Portrait of Anne Herpetz

Anne Herpetz

  • Germany
  • Piratenpartei
  • 26

Anne advocates for human and civil rights, making them her top priority. She fights for digital freedoms, consistent climate protection, and a humane asylum policy while standing against any form of authoritarian tendencies in Europe. She emphasizes the need for politics to become accountable and responsible once again.

Portrait of Rebecca Lau

Rebecca Lau

  • Luxembourg
  • Piratepartei
  • 29
Rebecca's political priorities are
  • to combat discrimination in all its forms;
  • promoting mental health;
  • to campaign for better environmental protection;
  • to fight against food waste. 

She also has a bachelor's degree in international hotel and tourism management, is national spokesperson of the Pirates of Luxembourg, as well as board member of the European Young Pirates. 
She also likes to volunteer when non-profit organizations need a helping hand.

Portrait of Tarja Fauvet

Tarja Fauvet

  • France
  • Parti Pirate
  • 28

Tarja is employed in an establishment and service for support through work, supporting people with disabilities in their social and professional integration. Pirate since 2015, she is involved in feminists and queer not for profits and non-governmental organizations and advocates for inclusion, against all discriminations.

Portrait of Mattias Rubenson

Mattias Rubenson

  • Sweden
  • Piratpartiet
  • 30

Mattias works as a school clerk, freelance writer, and personal assistant while also studying to become a high school teacher. His academic background is diverse, having studied subjects such as mathematics, philosophy, history, political science, economics, and linguistics. From 2017 to 2022, Mattias served as the party secretary for the Pirate Party and was responsible for writing most of the party’s current policy. In his free time, he enjoys abstracting, synthesizing, and presenting information as his main hobby.


We support the European Pirate Party’s Program. Key areas are:

  1. Fighting against Poverty and Exclusion
  2. Better (Universal) Public Health
  3. Supporting jobs and the economy
  4. Strengthening EU Defense and Security

Programme of the EU Pirates


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